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ONEKEYFREE is the descriptive acronym for a new, more accurate and time-saving approach to research.

We created this web site for the purpose of explaining to persons capable of refining our digital tools so that they can be used by anyone, anywhere, in order to find information based upon any one four distinct elements: 1) event [subject], or 2) time [chronology], or 3) person [genealogy], or 4) location [geography].

For decades our team has been amassing a large new library of information by following various threads.

However, traditional encyclopedic categorization does not work, and its modern digital version merely makes misinformation easier to access.

Our approach is to find original and comparative sources requiring strict proof of authenticity.

We want to find someone who can help us to convert our new four-part system into a digital research platform.

For purposes of this project, the person we want to work with will be geographically located close to one of our three core team members.

We are located in Australasia (Papua New Guinea), North America (Virginia), and Europe (Scotland).

If you meet our ethical, geographical and necessary skill requirements, please contact us immediately.


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