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This project is a work in progress and part of ongoing copyrighted research by
Yesterday Never Happened (UK) Ltd.,

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It refers to a methodological approach in research by establishing individual proof of location, and it is founded upon the fact that no individual human being can physically occupy more than one space in time. 

ONEKEYFREE is based upon four distinctive elements:

1. Event [subject],

2. Time [chronology],

3. Person [genealogy],

4. Place [geography].

Traditional encyclopedic categorization is not a substitute for our four preferred orientation methods of interconnected research. Contemporary digital research only results in making misinformation easier to access.

Our approach is to find original and comparative sources based upon strict proof of authenticity. They become the single key to establishing a provable alibi relating to activity taking place during a given time period at a specific location.


The original series of monogaphs were identified as a co-venture between two authors with connections to various universities and the John Lilburne Research Institute (for Constitutional Studies).

Those publications, together with a series of ongoing published monographs currently being published in cooperation with the official journal of a communications museum, are in the process of being reassembled for combined publication as a compendium. A link will be provided here once the compendium has been completed and is available in a print format. In the meantime, selected monographs will be uploaded and reposted on this web site.

Previously published written research of YesterVersity is available Online here:

Previously recorded monologues were produced under various names, including 4FWS Four Freedoms World Service, and some of the audio productions are available Online here:

Previously recorded video productions include Part One of 'Yesterday Never Happened'. Part Two was not completed due to ongoing research which expanded our knowledge base. The original video is available for viewing here:

Since 1985 we have been amassing a large library of information by following various threads. This process began with one very basic and general interest question, which in 2009 was incorporated into this monograph. In its turn, it created a continuous series of new questions. It was just like a pebble that was dropped into a pool of still water which caused ripples to begin a process of radiating in all directions.


The body of water was not still. Its surface was distorted by gusts of intentional obfuscation, and this posed a basic problem about how to discern truth from many versions of untruth. The answer was to follow the lead of detectives trying to unravel a mystery by discerning the truth behind claimed alibis.

Because human beings can only occupy a single space during a specific moment in time, we sought a method in which we could determine whether an alibi was true, or whether it was a lie. If it was a lie, then the claimed activity which took place at that specific moment in time, by that individual, did not in fact happen. From this understanding we coined our motto: 'Yesterday Never Happened'.

Instead of 'fake news', we are focusing upon a fake past. Con, because contrary to the adage that if you don't know the past you are certain to repeat it, the fact of the matter is if you don't know the authentic past, you are likely to encounter a contrived present that pretends to refer to a past that never happened.

f you don't know the authentic past you may indeed encounter a contrived present that is based upon fiction. It is often called political propaganda, and it is one reason why the same time-based world events are interpreted in so many different ways by the nations of the world. But this same art of deception, because that is what it is, not only shows up in commercial advertising for products and services, it is also exposed in courts of law when alibis are shown to be false, when it is revealed that a defendant was not where the defendant claimed to be at the moment an unlawful instant act took place.